2021 Annual Report

Stories of Settlement: Sharing Research and Experiences from Diverse Perspectives


The Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition (CYRRC) is a network of academics, service providers, community partners, and government agencies. We carry out research, promote best practices, and engage in knowledge mobilization on social integration, economic outcomes, education, and the mental and physical wellbeing of refugee children, youth, and families in Canada. CYRRC researchers are involved in 80+ research projects. 

CYRRC prioritizes multiple disciplinary perspectives and engaging non-academic sectors in creating and mobilizing knowledge. To learn more about our work and access our publications, executive summaries, infographics, and to listen to our podcast, visit us at cyrrc.org.

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Economic outcomes: Career goals and challenges, economic outcomes, and employment supports for refugee youth

Language: Home language maintenance and second language acquisition among Syrian refugee children

Wellbeing: The connection between language and wellbeing for refugee children and youth

COVID-19: Challenges and resilience of refugee families during the pandemic

Syrian refugees: Integration and resilience in the first five years of settlement

Arts-based research: Photos from refugee youth exploring integration, social justice, and resilience

Message from CYRRC’s Scientific Director, Michael Ungar

Michael Ungar

CYRRC Scientific Director

As the pandemic stretched into its second year in 2021, CYRRC members continued to innovative ways of working to fit the new reality. Many settlement services and research activities remained online, and it became clear that measures initially adopted as emergency response now needed to be tailored to meet longer term needs.

Over the last year, we continued to fund new research and saw several projects come to completion, bringing forth new findings to help us better understand the experiences of refugee children, youth, and families settling in Canada.

As we move into the final phase of our activities in 2022-23, we will be focusing on knowledge mobilization -sharing findings and engaging with stakeholders so that our research can be applied to inform policy and practice. CYRRC’s website houses a growing bank of publications, executive summaries and infographics that present our research at varying levels of detail and complexity. Our aim is to share knowledge with both academic and non-academic audiences. We are also excited to have launched The Refuge – our podcast that brings together academics, service providers, and youth with lived experience to discuss key issues affecting young refugees and their families. Throughout this report, you will find sound bites and quotes shared by podcast guests, and you can listen to full episodes of the podcast on CYRRC’s website, YouTube and all major podcast platforms.

The world around us remains in an uncertain state as the war in Ukraine creates new refugee flows and we collectively look forward to a post-pandemic era. Amidst this uncertainty, commitments from the Government of Canada to welcome a growing number of refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine make our work more relevant than ever. I applaud all of you who work tirelessly towards the successful settlement of refugees in Canada, and I am proud that CYRRC continues to play its role in supporting this process.